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Partnership Programs

If you or your teachers are better served by structured collaboration and learning with other leaders and educators, consider enrolling in one of the programs Trey is offering in conjunction with other organizations!

The perspectives offered have been invaluable, and the discussions in the cohort groups enlightening. I appreciate Meera's enthusiasm surrounding the topic. She's given us tools that can help gather people around a common purpose, and we're only halfway through. I particularly appreciated the "tango" pathway in the second meeting - it will be useful both personally and professionally.

Program Participant, Curriculum Review PLC

Image by Chris Montgomery

Professional Learning Partnership Programming


Early Career Teacher Mentorship Program (offered via SAIS)

The Early Career Teacher Mentorship Program supports new teachers by providing year-long virtual support from experienced independent school educators. The program will give teachers the space to learn core skills, gain confidence, and improve their practice while building relationships with other early-career educators.

Curriculum Review: Mission-Aligned Process & Planning (offered via SAIS)

This hands-on professional learning cohort is designed for program leaders who are beginning a curricular review journey and want to ensure the process is:

  • grounded in their school's mission and vision

  • designed based on an understanding of how change happens

  • deliberate and thoughtful


Student Agency: From Theory to Practice (offered via PAIS)

Many of our schools have student agency woven into the mission, vision, or portrait of a graduate. However, putting students in the driver's seat of their learning requires deliberate practice from the instructional to the whole-school level. This 90-minute interactive workshop will explore student agency from a theoretical framework (why it matters), different levels of practice (from instructional moves to unit design to course of study to school-wide programs), practical angles (examples of practice), and cultural considerations and challenges. In addition to in-session engagement and sharing, participants will be invited to conduct an audit of their classroom, curriculum, or school programs through the lens of student agency. While educators of all grade levels will benefit from the session, framing and examples will draw mostly from middle and upper school cases.

The Human Side of Curriculum Review: Autonomy vs Alignment

(previously offered via PAIS)

Spring 2023

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