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For Early-Career Teachers

  • Do you hire some teachers early in their careers?

  • Is your new faculty support primarily in the fall?

  • Do you lack unique supports for teachers in their first or second year as teachers?

  • Do you get parent phone calls in October about your new teachers?

Even for the brightest new hires, the first years of teaching are “trial by fire” and don’t always include explicit training in teaching methods or protected time for reflection.

Investing in your newest hires throughout the year will lead to improved teacher performance, reduced faculty turnover, and improved student learning.


We can supplement and complement your new teacher orientation, ensuring that the newest members of your faculty get exactly the support that they need to build confidence and thrive.

As a new teacher, I often worry about how to do the little things that seem obvious to everyone else -- how to set up a classroom, how to phrase a prompt, how to structure a homework assignment. Not only were Crystal, Meera, and Rob amazing at problem-solving those small but mighty tasks -- they also helped me discover the principles behind my pedagogy in a way that will guide how I teach and learn for as long as I'm in a classroom. They create everything that a great class should have -- collegiality, adaptability, fun, discovery -- and you benefit from both learning in that atmosphere and seeing firsthand how great educators go about creating it.

Stephen B, First-year Teacher

Young Teacher

Services for Early-Career & Career-Changing Teachers

We offer a variety of targeted supports specifically for early-career and career-changing teachers. We can discuss what combination of services best meets the needs of your new hires, and we'll always start from a place of understanding your unique school culture, approach to teaching and learning, and current strategic priorities.

Building A Strong Teacher Mentorship Program

If you have the capacity and desire to build a strong in-house mentorship program but need help taking the next step, we can help!


We can partner with the academic leaders in your school (Dean of Faculty, Division Director, teacher leader, etc.) who will be the point person for developing and overseeing a mentorship or coaching program.

Reach out to see how we can help you understand best practices in teacher onboarding, coaching, and mentorship; develop a structured, adaptable year-long program to support early-career teachers; help your in-house mentors/coaches develop the competencies to be successful supports to new colleagues; and evaluate and refine your program as you go.

Early-Career Teacher Mentorship Program
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