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Ongoing Teacher Growth

The craft of teaching is constantly evolving, and educators need to continually expand and sharpen their skills. Instead of one-and-done workshops or canned PD sessions, plan for faculty growth that is customized to your needs. We are excited to help your teachers understand key frameworks, develop targeted skills, workshop new lessons and units, prepare for pedagogical or school-wide initiatives, or incubate and pilot new practices in teaching and learning.

Meera [and Trey] … has had a significant, positive effect on how our teachers teach and students learn. [They have] a breadth of knowledge about effective, data-based pedagogy…. [and] have been immediately embraced by teachers as a listening, responsive administrator genuinely interested in partnering with them to further classroom teaching excellence.

Kirk D., Head of School

If I had to compare Trey's approach to other kinds of professional development, I'd say it's the difference between reading a fascinating article and reading a great book. The article might be informative and useful, but the book carries you along, lifts you up, and sticks with you long after you've put it down. 


Smiling Teacher

Services for Ongoing Teacher Growth

We will customize the learning model to meet the needs of your school, teachers, and intended outcomes. Professional learning might include:

  • One-on-one or small group coaching

  • Half-day, full-day, or multi-day workshops

  • Semester-long or year-long learning sessions and hands-on workshops

  • Facilitated PLCs

Example Topics

Get training and support for individual teachers, departments or teams, or the full faculty in the areas that matter to you and your school:

  • Authentic, performance-based assessment

  • Effective integration of technology for learning

  • Project-based and problem-based learning

  • Developing classroom culture and systems

  • Competency-based course design and practices

  • Personalized learning

  • Standards-based grading

  • Developing effective online and hybrid courses

  • Student-led, inquiry-driven, and application-based math and science curriculum instruction

  • Time and task management for the experienced teacher

  • ...and more!

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